In 2019 Asics merged their style oriented shoe brand, Asics Tiger, into their primary brand as Asics Sportstyle. This change led to mixed branding that was confusing to consumers. The primary Asics branding did not accommodate the tone of the Asics Sportstyle shoes. In an effort to unify the brand I created a visual language concept that was more inclusive of the diverse products Asics sells.
One of Asics' untapped opportunities are their weird and unique shoes. Although the new Sportstyle line's campaign designs are smart and cool, rivaling those of Nike, Puma, and Adidas, they do not differentiate themselves in a saturated market. Here's to the weird ones attempts to promote and highlight the Asics sportsyle line as a unique shoe with personality by crafting personal profiles of each shoe through posters, bill boards, and social media content. 
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